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Saturday, September 9, 2023

Information about ESTA that you need to know

The ESTA lasts for up to two years after it is issued. During this period, travelers (EU and UK citizens) are allowed to make an unlimited number of trips to the US. Each stay can last a maximum of 90 days. However, in some cases, the validity of the ESTA may expire sooner. An expired ESTA cannot be renewed or corrected. completely new application  must be submitted.

What is ESTA?  The abbreviation ESTA stands for  Electronic System for Travel Authorization . ESTA is a security measure of the United States Customs & Border Protection intended to prevent unwanted travelers from entering or exiting. For each ESTA application, U.S. Customs & Border Protection evaluates whether the applicant poses a potential security risk. If the applicant is not expected to pose a risk, the application will be approved.

ESTA is not a physical document but a digital travel authorization. Once your application is approved, you will receive confirmation as a PDF document. You do not need to present this document anywhere. The ESTA will be linked to your passport number at the time of approval. When registering, your passport number will be used to check if you have a valid ESTA.

Validity period of ESTA

From the time it is issued, your USA ESTA is valid for two years. During  this validity period  , you can visit the US an unlimited number of times. Each stay in the United States may last a maximum of 90 consecutive days. Any temporary or subsequent visits to Canada, Mexico or a Caribbean island during your trip also count as part of the 90-day limit. Do you want to stay in the US longer? Then you must apply for  a visa to enter the US . Have you received your new passport yet? You will then also need to reapply for ESTA using your new passport.

US ESTA Requirements

To use ESTA USA, here are some  requirements  you must meet:

  • You must comply with  existing Covid-19 prevention measures in the US . Double check these just before departure.
  • When you arrive in the US, you must prove that you intend to leave the US again. A simple way to do this is to present a return or transit ticket.
  • You must not pose a potential threat to the public health, security or public order of the United States. Upon arrival in the United States, if Department of Homeland Security officials suspect that you may be a threat, you will not be allowed into the country, even if you have a valid ESTA or visa.
  • You must also apply for an ESTA to travel to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, or the Northern Mariana Islands.
  • An ESTA will not be sufficient if you have traveled to Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, Yemen, Libya or Somalia after March 1, 2011. Additionally, if you have been a national of one of these countries In this case, ESTA will not be enough. In both cases, you must apply for a visa.

When can the validity of an ESTA be less than two years?

The validity expires sooner than two years if:

  1. A different passport is used for travel than the one used to submit the ESTA application
  2. The ESTA application form is incomplete or filled out incorrectly
  3. Certain information  in the completed ESTA form is no longer current*
  4. Travelers intending to stay in the United States for longer than 90 consecutive days
  5. The traveler did not comply with the  requirements  when traveling with ESTA

Length of stay per trip: maximum 90 consecutive days

During a validity period of two years, an unlimited number of trips may be made to the United States of America. Each individual's stay in the United States can last a maximum of 90 days. Validity only applies when it is used for business or tourism purposes. This includes transit in the United States or visiting friends or family.

Stay in Canada, Mexico or a Caribbean island

If during a cruise to the United States a trip is made to Mexico, Canada or a Caribbean Island, this trip is included in the overall validity period of 90 days.

Minimum waiting time between two trips to the US with ESTA

Travelers are not allowed to leave the United States for a short period of time and then return only to extend the 90-day validity period. Despite this, there is no official minimum waiting time requirement between two trips to the US using ESTA. When entering the United States again, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers will evaluate each situation. If they suspect that the traveler is leaving the United States for the sole purpose of extending the 90-day validity period, the ESTA will be void. Travelers who wish to visit the United States regularly and stay for longer periods may  apply for a visa , in which case these regulations do not apply.

A valid ESTA is linked to a single passport

The ESTA is inseparably linked to the passport filled in the application form. Therefore, it is not possible to travel to the US on another passport without applying for a completely new ESTA. As soon as the passport expires, its validity also expires. If during the ESTA registration process all passport information is not filled in correctly, the validity of the ESTA will also expire.

Passport almost expired?  Always apply for a new passport before applying for a new ESTA. The application form requires the passport number of the new passport to be filled in. Most passport offices offer a special emergency procedure to get a new passport faster. An ESTA can also be filed through  the emergency filing procedure . The average emergency application is approved within an hour.

What activities are allowed in the US if I travel with ESTA?
With ESTA, you can come to the US for vacation, business or transit. Visiting friends, family or business partners and attending business meetings and conferences are also allowed. You are not authorized to work for a US organization with an ESTA. You may not conduct journalistic activities in the US, invest in US companies, or attend training at a US educational institution with an ESTA. Paid work is allowed during travel only if it is work you are performing on behalf of an employer based outside the United States.

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