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Sunday, August 13, 2023

San Francisco – Come and leave your heart


San Francisco – Come and leave your heart

"The City of Fog", "The City by the Bay", "The City of Peace and Love" or "Paris of the West" are special names that people fondly gave to San Francisco. That's because in this gateway city, you can easily see the lingering fog even on sunny summer days, domed castles or flower gardens leaning along steep roads. And somewhere in a corner of the street, you can catch a glimpse of a few sculptures, a mural or a pedestrian bridge painted in a unique and creative way.

Fog under sunlight in San Francisco

Arriving at San Francisco Airport on a sunny summer afternoon, contrary to the scorching heat and humidity of the changing weather in Saigon, you will be greeted by San Francisco with cool air. Even you will have to shiver if you forget to bring a jacket for a long afternoon of walking around. And surely, you will not be surprised when even in the full summer sun, San Francisco is still covered by layers of fog, thick and thin, especially in the early morning and evening. That's why, writer Mark Twain had to exclaim "The coldest winter I've ever experienced was a summer in San Francisco" Francisco”.

The cool and misty weather will make you want to leave your small rooms and step out into the streets immediately with a sense of excitement to explore the wonders of this unique city.

Golden Gate Bridge - Symbol of San Francisco

Anyone who has enjoyed the scene of James Bond fighting with Max Zorin in A View to Kill, or the image of the boy Hiro and his special friend Baymax flying around the bridge in a beautiful circle in Big Hero 6, or the scene of Caesar leading a group of apes to "disturb" the Golden Gate Bridge in the misty fog, and Caesar standing on the top of a giant old tree, looking at the Golden Gate Bridge in an impressive way in the movie Rise of the Planet of The Apes, will surely be very excited to set foot on this legendary bridge connecting the Pacific Ocean to the bay of San Francisco.

To reach the bridge, you will have to walk through Presidio Park, located along the coast. The most wonderful moment is when you get close to the first span, look up at the legendary bridge covered in misty fog. As you walk, the sun slowly rises to reveal the winding cables that follow the towers and spans, finally revealing its full beauty in the bright sun.

You can also come to the Golden Gate when the sky is still sunny in the afternoon, take leisurely steps along the 2.7 km bridge while admiring the towers that once held the world record for the highest in the world until you reach the top of Marin Hill. This is also the time when the sun slowly sets over San Francisco Bay, bringing with it clouds that descend to cover the two towers. Fog is coming in while the waves are rising in the sea. The bridge becomes ethereal and floating in the fog and foam, only the two red-orange towers are looming in the sky that is sinking into the silent night. Perhaps, that is the most evocative image in the minds of those who experience it.

Lombard – The crookedest road in America

Created from eight sharp, winding bends with a slope of up to 27°, passing through beautiful old Victoria-style villas, Lombard Street has become an interesting destination that you cannot miss. Lombard Street starts at The Presidio and runs east, through the Cow Hollow district, Russian Hill, and ends at Leavenworth Street at the bottom. This is also the ideal location to admire the one-of-a-kind flower street with images of cars following each other down the hill slowly and houses along the street with arched roofs that tilt along the road. Remember, these colorful flower arches that run zigzag in a lively and romantic way will be the most beautiful in the spring, summer, and fall, from March to December.

A cable car ticket  

To experience the beauty of every hill and every corner of San Francisco, you can climb from one slope to another and stop at the Ritual café along Valencia Street. You can also stroll along Steiner Street, along Alamo Square Park, to admire the Painted Ladies, charming colorful houses with distinctive Victorian architecture. But try a cable car ride to see the scenery along the streets through the old-fashioned car windows and learn more about this means of transportation that was once very characteristic of San Francisco.

 Stepping aboard the colorful cable cars, you will discover many interesting things about this special type of vehicle as the cars run and stop in the middle of the road along the fixed cable route, the old seats are still preserved. Instead of the unpleasant car horns, you will hear the pleasant tinkling bells when the car is about to stop to pick up or drop off passengers. This is also the last cable car system in the world still in operation. Currently, San Francisco has 3 operating cable car lines: Powell - Mason, Powell Hyde, and California Street, you can take the cable car lines up Nob Hill or through Chinatown and down to attractive tourist destinations along the coast such as Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39, where there are restaurants and small shops serving seafood and Dungeness crab specialties. 

There is still a lot to tell about San Francisco, and there are still many places you can explore in this special city. That's why not a few people have exclaimed that their heart has been lost somewhere when they come to this place, like the passionate voice of Tony Bennett in "I left my heart in San Francisco" or Scot McKenze's murmuring "If you're going to San Francisco" when you choose the coastal city on the West Coast of the United States for your upcoming journey. Go, experience and feel San Francisco in your own way.

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